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Online Cessna Flight Training System Now Available To All Flight Schools

The new Cessna Instrument Rating Kit contains a MyClip leg strap, IFR clipboard, Custom glass cleaner, Cessna pen and a 1-year Garmin Pilot subscription.

April 12, 2018, SUN ‘n FUN – Lakeland, FL  The latest online edition of the Cessna Flight Training System that has, for decades, helped thousands of pilots achieve their goals, is now available to all flight schools.  The online curriculum integrates flight and ground studies and ensures that learning pilots and their instructors know what they have completed, how they are doing and what’s next. Each course includes video previews of each flying lesson and a home-study ground school and test preparation section.

Learning pilots will especially appreciate the free iPad app that will let them study, prepare for flight lessons and view their progress, even when offline.

Instructors have their own app, allowing them to use their iPhone or iPad to view student status and record flight lessons, even when they are offline.  An audit-for-completion feature gives instructors an easy way to see remaining graduation requirements for each student.  Flight school managers receive access to a full range of business reports to track their flight school’s operational status.

The Cessna Flight Training System has evolved over decades, and was originally used exclusively by Cessna Pilot Centers.  Now, all flight schools, university aviation programs and even high school aviation courses can use the system to support their flight school operations and benefit their learning pilots.

The Cessna Flight Training System includes a suite of Part 141 approvable online courses, ranging from Sport Pilot and Private Pilot all the way through Instrument, Commercial, Multiengine and CFI courses.

“Flight Schools that use the Cessna Flight Training System can offer a consistent, high-quality training experience to any customer from zero experience all the way to being able to earn money and build time as a Flight Instructor.  The portability of the courses across multiple devices, including an offline option through the iPad app, are designed for the digital online environment that our pilots now live in,” commented Martha King, Co-chairman and co-owner of King Schools.

King Schools is also announcing the following updated contents for the latest Cessna Instrument Pilot course package:

  • Instrument Pilot online course
  • Adjustable MyClip leg strap with clips that fit any mobile phone or iPad in vertical or horizontal orientation
  • Full-color durable plastic clipboard printed with useful IFR information that is designed to fit in the MyClip
  • Unique, collectable Cessna airplane photos embossed on glass-cleaning cloths
  • Useful cockpit information cards
  • Updated materials in the Cessna Online Pilot Library
  • An IFR Planning Pad, Cessna Pen/Stylus and the Garmin Pilot Premium 1 Year License

John King, Co-chairman and co-owner, commented, “In addition to the digital products, pilots receive a package of gear suited for current pilot training.  For instance, the IFR kit now comes with an adjustable leg strap with clips that allow pilots to use the included IFR clipboard, their phone, iPad, or other devices either vertically or horizontally.  Cessna Flight Training System customers will appreciate the great utility provided by the new gear and materials.”


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