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Cessna Pilot Centers Get a Part 141 Approvable Flight Instructor Course & Technology Upgrades

Press Release July 27, 2017 AirVenture – Oshkosh, WI

The CTA Companion App lets flight instructors record customer training offline and update their records with automatic synching.

Pilots learning to fly at Textron Aviation authorized Cessna Pilot Centers are experiencing a new era of flight instruction with the now-paperless Cessna Pilot Center Training System developed by King Schools. “These learning pilots are enjoying the unparalleled accessibility provided by this web-based, study-anywhere program that can be loaded onto their iPads for offline study no matter how remote the location,” says John King, Co-Chairman of King Schools.

Instructors can bring the course tracking application right into the cockpit on their iPads. A new app provides up-to-date student progress, lesson plans and tracking tools. Instructors can update the learning pilot’s records, and even provide an FAA-compliant e-signature on their iPad app without ever having to leave the cockpit. The records are automatically synced with web servers the next time the iPad is connected to the Internet.

The Cessna Pilot Center Training System consists of an entire suite of Part 141 approvable courses from Private all the way through the just-released Certified Flight Instructor course. “With the addition of the new CFI course, CPCs can offer a consistent, high-quality training experience for their customers from zero experience all the way to being able to earn money and build time as a Flight Instructor,” commented Martha King, the other Co-Chairman of King Schools.

The Cessna Pilot Center Training System has evolved over a period of 20 years. In addition to the new iPad apps with offline capability, upgrades to the web applications include the utilization of HTML5, which allows pilots and instructors to use their favorite web browser on any device including PCs, Macs, or mobile devices.

Doug May, vice president of Piston Aircraft at Textron Aviation stated, “Both instructors and pilots will benefit greatly from this enhanced CFI course given its ability to track students electronically for Part 141 compliance.”

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