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New FREE BasicMed King Schools Course Now Available

Hello Fellow Pilots,

You’ve probably heard the news.  As of May 1, 2017 third-class medical reform, now known as BasicMed, goes into effect.  It is a victory for the aviation organizations like AOPA and EAA that pressed so hard for it, and for all pilots that have found FAA medical certification an intimidating and frustrating process.

There are a lot of nuances to BasicMed and you will most certainly have questions.  That’s why we created our free course – “Pilot Medicals and BasicMed Explained”.  Enjoy it as our gift.

The great news is that BasicMed allows pilots with a valid U.S. driver’s license to fly without holding a current FAA medical certificate, as long as they have once held a medical certificate that was valid after July 14, 2006.  If you are a new pilot, or your medical certificate expired on or before July 14, 2006, you will still need to go through the FAA medical certification process once.

The aircraft you fly under BasicMed can weigh up to 6,000 pounds and have up to 6 seats.  It can be a single or twin, piston or turbine, retractable gear, pressurized—even a helicopter.  Plus, you can fly up to 18,000 feet and 250 knots IAS, VFR or IFR.  This is truly good news.

To qualify, you need to complete a free, online medical education course every 24 calendar months.  In addition, every 48 months you need to get what the FAA calls a comprehensive medical examination, or CME.  The physician you use does not have to be an FAA Aviation Medical Examiner—only a state-licensed doctor.  You just need your doctor to go through an FAA CME checklist and sign it off.  You’ll need to keep a copy of the signed FAA checklist and your medical education course completion certificate in your logbook.

Once again, our new course is free and hopefully helpful to you.  Click here to get started today “Pilot Medicals and BasicMed Explained

                        John                                         Martha


  1. Frank

    Could the aircraft have more than 6 seats as long as it weighed under 6000 pounds and have a pilot with basicmed and 5 passengers you stated it could only have 6 seats did you mean six occupants

  2. Jamie Wilson

    I have a FAA Commercial certificate (but only need it for private purposes to fly my own aircraft) – I also have a Florida Drivers licence – however since 911 I can only get my DL renewed for 3 months which is the max time I get on my entry visa when I visit the States – would this still apply to me?

    • Pilot One

      Jamie, thank you for sending us this note. Your question regarding your driver’s license is a local issue and we are not able to accurately advise you on the Florida policy as it relates to BasicMed.

  3. Jim

    Great information concerning requirements that should have been changed a long time ago.
    Thanks for your knowledge because I continually train with your wonderful courses. I have learned bunches and believe me I have become a much better pilot because of me going through about 35 or more of your great and fun courses. The wings programs are also great to earn.
    Jim Burns, private pilot. I have been a pilot for about 50 years.
    Thanks for your wonderful and fun training.
    Owner of: Jim’s Custom Homes, Inc., in Burleson, Texas

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