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Flight Instructors Have a New Free Option for TSA Security Awareness Training

ipad_TSASan Diego, CA, July 9, 2015 — CFIs will appreciate having a new, free and online way to meet their annual TSA training requirement. TSA Security Awareness Training for CFIs from King Schools can be completed in about an hour using any Internet-connected computer or tablet. It provides a TSA-acceptable graduation certificate and qualifies for WINGS program credit, which is automatically submitted to the FAA upon course completion.
“Most CFIs receive this training every two years as part of completing a Flight Instructor Refresher Course, but they still need a way to complete the training in years between FIRCs,” commented Martha King. “Making this training available for free gives CFIs a quick and easy way to meet that requirement,” concluded John King.

To register for the free KING TSA Security Awareness Training course, go to:


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      If you are still having trouble with this please contact our tech support team phone: 1-800-854-1001 or (858) 541-2200 (Worldwide). You should be able to view this course on all devices on all browsers.

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