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New Version of King Schools Companion App Lets Pilots Download and Complete Lessons Off-Line on iPhones and iPads

San Diego, CA, March 4, 2015 — The latest technology from King Schools gives pilots even more convenient access to learning. Pilots taking King courses can now take their lessons on their iPad and iPhone even when they are off-line, and two-way synchronization allows them to move seamlessly among their iPad, iPhone and computer.


This is made possible by the latest version of the KING Companion App, a free download from the Apple App Store. The app allows pilots to download lessons from any of their courses to their iPad or iPhone. They can then watch the video lessons and answer the associated FAA example questions, even while off-line. The next time they connect to their King iLearn account, their progress will be synced. Then, when they resume their course, either off-line or online, all the progress they made off-line will be displayed on their menu, and when they restart a video, it will pick up right where they left off.

“The great thing about our iPad and iPhone Companion app is that customers are not locked into choosing between using their mobile devices or a computer,” commented John King. “The ability to work off-line on an iPad or iPhone and then sync their progress with King’s servers gives learning pilots the option to continue their learning from anywhere, connected or not,” he noted.

“Folks taking King courses are often juggling many responsibilities while they are learning to fly,” added Martha. “Our strategy is to ensure that, given 10-15 minutes and access to any device or a computer, they can make real progress by completing a full lesson,” she concluded.

For more information visit: or just search for “King Companion” in the Apple App Store.


  1. Jerry Nemier

    As a 76 year old, 30,000 plus hour pilot, I can say DEFINITELY Yes to that 50 year old with the King Schools courses.

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