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King Schools Offers a 50% Discount to Help Pilots Take Advantage of Two-Year Window to Get ATP Without Costly New Training


San Diego, CA, May 20, 2014 – Pilots who pass the ATP written exam before August 1 of this year won’t have to take the expensive ground and simulator training that will be required after that date. A surprise bonus is that once you pass the knowledge test, 14 CFR 61.155(d) gives you two years to pass the practical test. There’s a window of opportunity here. Pass the knowledge test now, and you completely sidestep these expensive new requirements and you have two years to get the certificate. It will save pilots thousands of dollars. Plus, you don’t need to have the 1,500 hours required for an ATP now. If you think you might have the hours within the next two years, you should pass your written before August 1st.

“To help motivate pilots to get this done now,” said John King of King Schools, “we are making it easy on their pocketbooks by offering a 50% discount on our Airline Transport Pilot ATP Interactive Video Ground School and Test Prep course right up until the FAA deadline.”

Many in the aviation training industry are concerned that the high cost associated with passing the ATP written under the new regulations may prevent many pilots from ever achieving this certificate. “Our discounted price reflects a savings of $150,” commented Martha King. “But the real motivation should be to get in under the wire before getting an ATP becomes significantly more difficult. We want to encourage pilots to get their ATP Written passed now. Otherwise, they may miss an opportunity that will not come back.”

John continued, “As far as I know, our ATP course is the only one that actually teaches with video. We use full-screen, bite-sized video segments, averaging about 10 minutes long. Pilots learn the concepts behind the questions, which is more fun and rewarding than just memorizing answers. Each video segment is automatically followed by a quiz – using actual FAA questions. The course tracks the pilot’s progress and includes a test prep section where they can practice on questions by subject area, answered status, marked questions, or any combination. The program can also generate as many random practice tests as you want.”

King Schools offers a money-back guarantee. For more information, go to or call toll-free 1-800-854-1001 (worldwide +1-858-541-2200).

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