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Bonanza Owner Wins Falcon Flight and Mentoring with John and Martha King


Lakeland, FL, April 3, 2014 – Patrick Timmons of Oklahoma is the winner of John and Martha’s “Let Us Be Your Mentors” Sweepstakes featuring a flight with John and Martha in King Schools’ Falcon Jet to Palm Springs for dinner, hangar flying, and mentoring.

Two years ago, Timmons made his childhood dream of flying a reality by enrolling at a Cessna Pilot Training Center, where he used the King Schools-produced Cessna Sport/Private Pilot Course to get his Private Pilot certificate. Last year, he decided to add an Instrument Rating and invested in the King Schools Get-It-All Instrument Rating Kit. Little did he know that his purchase would earn him the winning entry for the King sweepstakes. In addition to the jet flight the prize includes an all-expenses-paid trip to San Diego, and a tour of King Schools where Timmons will star in his own aviation video segment in front of the “Blue Screen” in the King Schools studio.

“When we placed the call to Pat to inform him that that he had won, we first got his voice mail. Pat listened to our message and wondered if we were just trying to sell him something. After hearing us repeat his name twice in the message, he thought, ‘Something must be up,’ and decided he’d better call us back. We are so glad he did!” commented John King.

Martha added, “When Pat spoke with us about flying and what influenced him to become a pilot, he told us he had wanted to fly since he was a kid. His experience in the Air Force, where he was around airplanes all the time, only added fuel to his desire to learn to fly.”

When asked what he looked forward to the most out of the list of prizes, Pat responded, “I’m really looking forward to the flight in the Falcon.”

For information about King Schools’ products, visit or call 800-854-1001 (international dialing +1 858-541-2200).

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