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King Schools Updates Their Online FIRC to Include a Scenario-Based Training Lesson

Lakeland, FL, April 10, 2013 — Today at SUN ‘n FUN,  John and Martha King, Co-Chairmen of King Schools, announced that they have updated the King Online Flight Instructor Refresher Course (FIRC) to include a new lesson on scenario-based training (SBT).


“Scenario-based training is now part of the FAA Practical Test Standards, but most CFIs have not had training on how to incorporate scenarios in their lesson plans,” commented John. “The King Online FIRC now gives instructors tools and insights on how to implement scenarios that will teach their customers to effectively manage the risks associated with each flight,” continued John.


“Our goal is to provide relevant and important content with every lesson,” remarked Martha. “That’s why the King Online FIRC includes topics like SBT, conducting an effective flight review and identifying and changing at-risk behaviors,” concluded Martha.


King Schools released the first version of their online FIRC course in May of 2012 and it remains the only FIRC to provide an entirely paperless online renewal process with nothing to notarize and nothing to send in.


The King Schools FIRC program has been designed to run on the iPad and on all Windows and Mac Web browsers. It sells for $99 without CFI renewal processing or $124.95 with processing included.


For more information, go to or call toll-free 1-800-854-1001 (worldwide +1-858-541-2200).

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