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Aero News Network article – King Schools Debuts New Test Prep App

Article by the Aero News Network staff originally appeared on the Aero News Network website on July 29, 2023 To view the original article Click Here.

Aced Tests Aces Yield

“Are you ready to take your FAA written exam?”

That’s a question people ask every student, and students ask themselves every day. Sometimes, it’s pretty hard to know the answer.

If you’re using King Schools courses to prepare for your FAA exams, a brand-new app, The KING Test Prep Companion App, puts all the information at your fingertips. The Test Prep App enables you to check at a glance how far you’ve gotten in preparing to take your exam, how many right and wrong answers you’ve given, and how many questions remain to complete. By highlighting areas that need more attention, it enables you to focus your time and effort to best effect.

“We know our learners like to know where they stand,” says Martha King, who, with her husband John, founded King Schools fifty-years ago. “This new app gives them milestones. It’s a great feeling to know you’re more than halfway, or you’re almost there, or even just that you’re off to a good start. And it also shows them the way forward.”

But the Test Prep App does much more than just tell you about your current Test Prep status. It seamlessly integrates all your courses and progress reports into a complete test prep roadmap. No other test prep is needed. Every study aid is at your fingertips. You can review questions, study flashcards, and take practice tests on your iOS or Android device, even when you’re out of reach of Wi-Fi or cellular data.

When you open the Test Prep App, you see all the courses you currently have in progress. Tap on one, and the Test Prep Dashboard offers you three categories of study aids. Question Review takes you through the multiple-choice questions from the extensive King question databases. The new Flashcards section eliminates prompts and guesswork and challenges your overall grasp of the material by presenting questions for you to answer directly, without the help of a menu of multiple-choice answers. Flipping each flashcard provides not only the answer to the question, but also a concise explanation of why the answer is what it is.

When you feel that you have a good understanding of the course content, curated practice exams let you rehearse for the FAA written tests. In addition, you can create unlimited numbers of additional practice tests out of randomly selected questions.

The KING Test Prep Companion App embodies what the Kings call their VIP learning process: video instruction, followed by interactive question review and, finally, the practice and recall phase of test taking. Test Prep Companion unites the question review and practice and recall phases in a single app that becomes your daily partner as you prepare to take your FAA exam. You can grade yourself as you go by checking thumbs up, for “I’ve got this down!” or thumbs down, for “Go over this again” on each question. By flagging the questions that have given you trouble, the app guides you back through the needed repetition and review until you’ve earned the “Got this” thumbs-up for every section of every course.

Throughout their fifty-year history, King Schools have always been pioneers in video and online instruction. Their step-by-step approach to teaching has proved itself with a 97-percent pass-rate on FAA exams. Test Prep Companion, with direct access to courses and real-time tracking of student status, gives an exciting new face to the time-tested adventure of King Schools learning.

“We’re thrilled to offer this new app free of charge,” said John King. “We’ve always tried to provide the best instruction and support to our students, and Test Prep Companion brings it all together beautifully.”

The KING Test Prep Companion App is available for free with every King Schools course that includes test prep.


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  1. Ryan Cooley

    Wow I’m so excited to download this app! This is perfect since I am studying for my private pilot exam this week. Thank you King Schools!

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