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A Message from John & Martha about their new book – LIFT: How to Start, Run and Grow Your Own Successful Business.

Hello Fellow Pilot,

You will understand that flying means a great deal to us, as I am sure it does to you.

You might find it interesting that we have written a book that details the development of our business life in the aviation world.  It is titled, LIFT: How to Start, Run and Grow Your Own Successful Business.

Writing this book was an intensely personal undertaking for us.  We envision our readers as similar to us—pilots who have become, or want to become, small business owners, many of them in the aviation community.  In the book, we share the guiding principles of how King Schools was established, and how we have grown our business over the span of our lives together.  When we started our marriage, we committed to be equal partners in everything we would do, and felt that required us to be entrepreneurs so we could work together.  We have been so fortunate to have our passions for business and flying morph into the business of teaching pilots worldwide.

You all have a wonderful opportunity.  You live in the time and place where you can pursue your passion and start your own business to improve your life and the lives you touch.  In flying and in business, you’ll always need to make corrections along the way.  But in flying, when you are a good pilot in a well-built plane—just like when you’re a good entrepreneur running a well-designed company—you can make progress others only dream of.

The book is dedicated to two people who were critical to our success.  The first, Dave Jackson, is the former CEO of King Schools, and he brought his deep experience in movies and video production and a profoundly trustworthy nature to the business.  The second is Barry Knuttila, the current CEO, who brought his expertise in technology development to King Schools at the time when the company needed to transition its courses from VHS to online delivery.

We sincerely hope that you will learn from this book, and that we successfully shared the practical tools you need to take advantage of the opportunity that owning your own business presents.

John & Martha,

You can order our book LIFT: How to Start, Run and Grow Your Own Successful Business on Amazon at this link here or scan the QR code to get to the Amazon page.


    • Barry Knuttila

      Jim, you have our sincere apologies. There was a hitch with Amazon that has been corrected now. You can follow the links on this page now to order the book in either Kindle or paperback. Hope you enjoy the secrets to John and Martha’s business success!

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