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Aero News Network Article – King Schools Announces New FOI Course

CFI Hopefuls Receive Updated Fundamentals of Instruction Course

Article by the Aero News Network originally appeared on the ANN website on April 10, 2022 To view the original article Click Here.

King Schools has revamped their FAA Fundamentals of Instruction Knowledge Test with a new online course hosted by the CEO himself, Barry Knuttila.

Rumor has it that some locales around the country have begun paying increasing attention to the teaching capabilities of prospective flight instructors, adding more weight to the body of knowledge students need to pass the FAA knowledge test. In the past, the FOI had become a pencil-whipped affair, quickly studied and just as oft forgotten – But that won’t stand in the modern aeronautical industry. Students can use King School’s first course featuring hours of Barry. All Barry. More Barry than ever, actually.

The Fundamentals of Instructing, Ground School and Test Prep Course is the first class missing the most famous faces in aviation, John & Martha King. He says he’s up for the challenge, thanks to a good amount of practice.

“I have been participating as an instructor in quite a few of our courses, sharing screen time with John & Martha,” Knutilla said upon the release of the new course. “It is exciting to be stepping up to doing more on-screen instruction. But I must admit, I have a high standard to live up to as John and Martha are literally living legends of Aviation teaching.”

Knutilla is pleased with the end result, promising that it will greatly simplify the dry and often difficult FAA curriculum. “The goal of this new course is to simply and make the materials easier to understand. I am an active flight instructor.  As part of a Course Creation team, we had to work hard to make this four-hour course take the academic-sounding language of educational theory and personalize it to show practical situations and experiences that people will see in real-life flight instruction. We wanted to bring some humor to the videos and help people connect with the materials in an easier way than reading the FAA’s Aviation Instructor’s Handbook.”

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