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New Free Course from King Schools – Understanding Aircraft Marshalling

April 16, 2021 SUN ‘n FUN, Lakeland, Florida   Pilots can now take a free video course, Understanding Aircraft Marshalling, from King Schools to help them quickly learn the signals used by marshallers at a busy ramp.  Aircraft marshalling is rarely covered during pilot education, leaving many pilots scratching their heads when presented with marshalling signals.  Watching this course will help them understand ground signals they may see on busy ramps, at fly-ins and aviation events. They will also learn what signals to give back to the marshaller when necessary, instead of guessing what the marshaller wants to see.

John and Martha King are the Co-chairmen of King Schools. John explained, “A pilot may see many different marshalling signals at a busy airport or event, so we cover them all.  From start-up and departure to arrival and shut-down, this course has the common signals, as well as specialty and seldom-used signals.” John continued, “Like any other phase of flight, risk management is also a vital part of taxiing and parking safely, so we cover risk management best practices while on the ground too.”

Martha had this to say about the course: “After a long flight, many general aviation pilots have found themselves in front of a marshaller, realizing they were either unfamiliar with, or very rusty on, marshalling signals.  We developed this course to help fill that gap in aviation training.”

The course runs about 20 minutes, and is available free for anyone on the King Schools website at


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