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King Schools introduces redesigned courses in the Cessna Flight Training System

This is a screen shot of the new main menu for the redesign of The Cessna Flight Training Instrument Rating Course

Learning Pilots and Flight Instructors Now Have an Upgraded Cessna Learning and Tracking Platform


July 21, 2020 San Diego, CA.   Pilots taking flight training via the Cessna Flight Training System will find their learning easier and more fun as a result of upgrades to their courses. New features include updated navigation, design and functionality on their iPhones, iPads, laptops and desktops.

Flight instructors will also see major modifications to features in the Course Tracking Application (CTA). The CTA tracks individual student training progress online, offline, and even in the air using an iPad app that syncs the offline progress to the system whenever the instructor reconnects to the Internet.

Tom Keller, King Schools’ Vice President of Technology, exclaimed, “This was a big project, and the result is awesome. This extensive development project resulted in courses that are easier to use and that automatically adjust to the device at hand with clearer text and graphics. In particular, the changes to our Cessna Companion App open up greater opportunities for study. They enable students to study on their iPhone or iPad, online or offline anywhere. They can save lessons, sync progress and have it all available whenever they want to study.” Tom continued, “Flight instructors will notice a much faster app with easier-to-use digital documents and forms. One exciting new feature allows flight instructors to use many more classifications for students, filter their customer list and set defaults for their preferences.”

Barry Knuttila, CEO of King Schools said, “The Cessna Flight Training System has evolved over 20-plus years. These new versions of the apps and courses look great. I really like the improvements in the iPhone experience. Not everyone takes their iPad or laptops with them everywhere, but they almost always have their phone. Students can complete lessons anywhere, anytime easily on their iPhones which is perfect for our digital age.”

This is a screen shot of the new main menu for the redesign of The Cessna Flight Training Sport/Private Pilot Course.


Martha King, Co-Founder of King Schools, said, “Since we started this partnership with Cessna, we have delivered hundreds of thousands of Cessna Flight Training System courses. A big part of our success has to do with listening to and responding to customer feedback, and these new releases are focused on exactly that. We are delighted with the result.”

John King, Co-Founder with Martha, stated, “Cessna has always been wonderful to work with. Together we have been able to make a positive impact on many people’s lives and we are thrilled that so many people have put their faith in our teaching. When someone is learning to fly, it is often the most important thing they are doing in their lives at that time. Listening and responding to feedback is crucial to evolving the training system and improving their learning experience.”

King Schools and the Cessna Aircraft Company have had a 24-year partnership collaborating on combining flight lesson tracking at the flight school with home-study courses for learning pilots—creating the first fully integrated, computer-based flight training system. The current roster of courses includes Private Pilot, Instrument Rating, Multi-Engine, Commercial and CFI.


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