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King Schools CEO, on-air flight instructor, and Beechcraft Debonair owner Barry Knuttila shares advice for maximizing your online learning experience during stay-at-home orders for the coronavirus pandemic.

By David Tulis – This article originally appeared on the AOPA website – Link 

Barry Knuttila, King Schools CEO, instructs students during an online class. Photo courtesy of King Schools.
Barry Knuttila, King Schools CEO, instructs students during an online class. Photo courtesy of King Schools.

Make learning a priority: “It’s kind of like working from home,” said Knutilla. “You need to be sure you have the time set aside.”

Minimize distractions: “We’re all distracted because of this this pandemic, so I think the best thing to do is to figure out a time of the day when you have minimal distractions and you know you can sit down to focus for a period of time,” he recommended.

Make an appointment with yourself: Add the appointment to your calendar app and then set a reminder. “It’s really useful to make an appointment with yourself where you can focus on online learning,” he said.

Keep the appointment: “Showing up” for the appointment with ourselves is challenging, Knuttila noted, because “we’re inundated by the news and by dealing with different work situations. And we’re concerned about our family and our friends.”

Break off small chunks of your time, and review: “If you’ve got even 15 minutes you can sit down, watch a video that will be five to 10 minutes, and then take the questions that follow the video to reinforce your learning.” Knuttila added that King Schools’ products are broken into “bite-size segments” to help expedite the learning process. The process allows pilots to “bite off as many of those as you can handle.” Online tutorials accompanied by companion apps can help pilots—and potential pilots—make significant progress with a minimal time investment, no matter where they are, said Knuttila. “That’s one of the great things about online learning—you can study from just about anywhere.”

The California-based airline transport pilot and active flight instructor said he was pleased that online learning has remained constant in the face of personal and professional distractions for pilots and their families.

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