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John and Martha Take on a Partner at King Schools

John, Martha and new Co-Owner of King Schools Barry Knuttila arrive at AirVenture 2019. Barry is the first person other than John & Martha to have ownership in King Schools.

July 25, 2019 EAA AirVenture – Oshkosh, WI – Pilots who have known John and Martha and have used King Schools courses over the decades will be interested to know that the Kings have taken steps to ensure the continuity of the company.  According to Martha, “We’re no longer young kids just starting out—even if we still feel that way.”

“Step one,” said John, “is that we have been coaching company CEO Barry Knuttila, who has become a warm, personable video instructor for King courses.  Our customers observe that Barry is taller, younger and better looking than we are.”  “But John,” Martha chimed in, “everyone is taller, younger, and better looking than we are.”

“Step two,” said John, “is that Barry has assumed an ownership role in King Schools.  Martha and I are still owners, and we are staying active in the company and will continue to be video instructors.  It’s just that as the company grows and expands the number of courses it offers; we need Barry’s expertise and the continuity he will provide.”

“This is a big deal to us,” continued Martha.  “In the 45 years we have been in business, John and I have been the only owners of King Schools. We’ve never had a partner before.”  “Barry is the perfect partner for us,” added John.  “He is an accomplished pilot and flight instructor who is passionate about aviation—he owns a Beech Debonair and is typed in our Falcon 10.  He is also competent, ethical, and kind and respectful to everyone. We are thrilled to be associated with him.”




  1. Michal Koenig

    Congratulations to all of you. Barry is a wonderful person, personally and professionally, and he will do King Schools very well as he embodies the very essence of what you, John and Martha, have developed over the last 4+ decades.

  2. Bill Simeon

    Congratulations Barry. John and Martha are giants of aviation. I’m sure you’ll do great. The torch will continue to burn bright.

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