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King Schools Updates Instrument Course; Adds New Instructor

High Definition videos brings new material to legacy test prep program.

Barry Knuttila
Several video segments have been added to the Instruments, some of which feature King Schools’ CEO, Barry Knuttila.Courtesy King Schools

The Instrument rating is one of the most challenging ratings to achieve, with complex concepts that have to be well understood in order to soar through the clouds. To help candidates in the learning process, King Schools has updated its Instrument Rating Ground School & Test Prep Course with new material to compliment the previously released course.

“We have added a significant amount of material regarding GPS procedures and use, including “Climb Via” and “Descend Via” clearances, along with great explanatory graphics,” said Martha King. The newly added videos are all filmed in HD.

This new course is one of the first programs that includes a new King Schools instructor, which also happens to be the company’s recently promoted CEO, Barry Knuttila. Knuttila, who has been with the company since 2002, is part owner of a Beechcraft Debonair and holds an ATP certificate as well as a type rating in the Falcon 10. “He is an accomplished and experienced pilot,” said Martha King of Knuttila. “He has been piloting the Falcon 10 with us for nine years and has flown a multitude of different aircraft.”

“Barry has a laid-back style that we know will connect with pilots,” said John King. “This is a big deal for King Schools that will be very helpful in continuing to increase our rate of high-quality video content production.”

“The new video lessons benefit from King Schools’ 45 years of developing techniques to help pilots deeply understand aviation concepts, along with ways to absorb and recall facts when rote memorization is required,” noted Knutilla.

The course can be used online or on an iPad or iPhone through the King Companion App, where the course material can be downloaded and viewed without an Internet connection. When connected, the progress of the lessons is updated so that the student knows where to continue whether using the app or a computer. The price for the Instrument Rating Ground School & Test Prep Course is $279. Future updates are free and King Schools guarantees that its customers will pass their exams.

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