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Mentoring in Aviation

You likely remember someone in your life whose time and dedication to mentoring made the difference in helping you reach a goal. For a learning pilot, the value of a good advisor is enormous. Martha and I have benefited from the attention of mentors through the years, and have also received immeasurable rewards through mentoring many wonderful pilots.

Mentoring is at the heart and soul of King Schools. More than just delivering material, we are invested in your success and we put in enormous time and effort building courses that are clear, simple and even fun to take. You can be confident that King material will put that next rating or certificate easily within your grasp. You can do it!

mike-and-karen-new-eclipseRecently, our friends Mike and Karen purchased their first jet, an Eclipse. Moving from a high-performance single to a jet is a big step, but is within the grasp of pilots with moderate experience and an Instrument Rating. Mike started from zero time and, with the help of King courses, had become an instrument-rated pilot in short order. But when we met, Karen had not yet started to fly. She wanted to learn to fly, but did not believe she could do it. Well, with lots of encouragement, King courses, and Martha’s mentoring, Karen has gone all the way from Private Pilot to Jet Pilot in just 3 short years. What an accomplishment—congratulations, Karen!

We would love to see you challenge yourself with a new certificate or rating. You can visit our website (, but if you need personal help, we also have dedicated Pilot Advisors standing by to mentor you about your piloting goals and discuss how King Schools can help you take that next step. Give them a call at (800) 854-1001.


  1. Richard Showalter

    Your courses have helped greatly and in January of next year, I start my next career as an Airline First Officer for PSA Airlines. Great job and keep up the great work

  2. Adam Sechrest

    John & Martha:

    I became a private pilot on 10/01/2013. I am a man of normal means with a young family, and it took me more than three years to complete my journey, flying as money and time permitted.

    My mentor was my flight instructor who, with a gentle hand, was the guiding light during my quest; never wavering, ever available, always supportive. Her constant messages: stay the course, and we make do with what we have. This refrain kept me on course when time and money conspired to do otherwise.

    Playing no small part in my success was King Schools. I trained at a Cessna Pilot Center in Clearwater, Florida, and your training material and videos were the bulk of my ground school.

    Thank you, John and Martha, for being mentors to so many of us. And thank you to my instructor for being the mentor I needed to succeed.


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