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The International Council of AOPA World Assembly on GA + a CPDLC RED ALERT

Martha and I just returned from Tel Aviv, Israel, where we spoke on risk management at the World Assembly of International Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association.  We were pleased that our talk was well received by those in attendance.  Here’s a recap of the entire 25th annual IAOPA World Assembly, which focused on the future of General Aviation.

Having just completed our oceanic flight, we also became aware of a safety warning regarding the use of Controller Pilot Data Link Communications (CPDLC).  The alert warned of the erroneous presentation of Air Traffic Control (ATC) LOG data to a flight crew while in Oceanic FANS CPDLC operation.  The alert was issued by EUROCONTROL for CPDLC problems encountered in the North Atlantic, but it could be a problem anywhere CPDLC is used in oceanic airspace. Though most folks won’t be affected by this, if you do use CPDLC, we wanted to make you aware.

The Safety Warning Message begins: “A recent incident occurred where a (data link) message to climb may have been sent to an aircraft without the ANSP Oceanic Ground System initiating it.”

You can read the entire Red Alert Safety Warning Message on

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