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Our Aviation World is Changing at an Unprecedented Pace. Life is Good.

Our aviation world is changing at an unprecedented pace.  For decades, not much new happened in general aviation.  From the time we started flying together in the ’60’s until the early 90’s there weren’t many changes in either avionics or airframes.  It made things simple.  If you knew how to operate a VOR in one airplane, you could pretty much operate a VOR in any airplane. (For more on the evolution of pilot navigation and avionics all, read our post, “GPS and Avionics: How We Got Here Depends on How We Used to Get Here“).

The Garmin G1000 Version 8 offers a new look and feel, plus new capabilities like FlightCharts and SafeTaxi

But now, even during these hard times, our aviation world is changing blindingly fast.  With avionics like the G1000 being computer-driven, a software change can alter how things work with little or no change in the hardware.  For instance, beginning with version 8 of the software, the Garmin G1000 now has a new look and feel, and a lot of new capability such as FliteCharts, SafeTaxi, and the way flight plans are entered and displayed—including the ability to put altitudes and airways into a flight plan. 

 This rapid rate of change has kept us at King Schools busy revising our avionics courses to make sure they match the current version of the software.

 We now have available the latest version of our G1000 course that covers operation of the version 8 and higher systems with the new capability, and their new look and feel.  If you will be flying an aircraft equipped with the G1000, you’ll want this course.  If you have purchased a previous version of the course, we’ll update your old course at half-price—just give us a call to make arrangements.

 As with previous versions, this latest G1000 course includes our procedures trainer so you can practice what you just learned.  Our promise is that after taking this course your hands and eyes will automatically go to the right place.  You’ll be ready to put your new G1000 proficiency to use with a safety pilot. 

 Although with these wonderful new avionics systems it takes a lot of effort to stay current, you’ll never hear us reminiscing about the good old days when the simple words, “Take us back to the airport” could strike fear into the heart of a student.  All it takes these days is a glance at the map on the multi-function display.  Life is good, when you have a G1000—it’s even better when you know how to get the most from it.

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  1. Al Nixon

    I know you’ve gotten tons of testimonials and this one will probably be no different. I would like a chance to say my piece and also say thanks.

    I am 62 and just waiting on the weather here in Michigan to take my long solo cross country. It took me about two years to get my health in hand (diabetes) so that I could pass the medical and when I’m done I want to fly for charitable causes.

    I bought your Cessna pilot center course Cleared for Takeoff before I found a CPC to fly at. I figured that I could do all of the learning that is possible to do outside of an airplane while waiting for my health to come around. It is a very cool course. My wife looked on a couple of times and thinks that the wit and humor are a little “corny” but that’s what wit and humor is mostly so no problem by me.

    Just as an FYI and as a chance to solicit input from people I greatly admire, I would like you to go to my website and see what my Non Profit corp is about. The link is please read the little links near the top called (read….. ) to see the vision dramatization and the company purpose.

    One of the goals of Kingdom Air is to provide training at no cost to the student for people who want to fly for a greater purpose than just their own fun, while having fun in the process. We would private pilot training for free in exchange for a period of volunteer work as pilots for the ministry. The ministry, by the way is for all person of specific need and not restricted to church organizations or persons. This is meant to include disaster relief and family emergencies for anyone.

    Kingdom Air is just beginning and we have nothing. We don’t even have anyone on staff yet to do the fund raising that we will need to pull all of this off. I say that for two reasons. 1. Don’t be surprised that you are just hearing about Kingdom Air right now. 2. we would consider it a privilege to train our upcoming new pilots in a Skyhawk with King Schools printed on the side.

    That was a shameless plea for support but I think it is well placed.

    Aside from the hope of some support, the heartfelt thanks for a well prepared product and my vote of admiration for your accomplishments were and are completely genuine. The need for support is genuine as well.

    Hopefully you get this and have a chance to check out the website.

    Thanks again,

    Al Nixon
    Founder and CEO
    Kingdom Air
    16470 Griswold Rd. Lansing MI 48906
    PH. 517.803.8846

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