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Rusty pilot BFR renewal/ratings?

I haven’t been flying in a couple of years. My medical needs renewal as well. I was told a couple of years ago by an instructor that when I take my BFR I have to show competence in IFR as well, not just VFR, (even though I haven’t flown any IFR in years) because I obtained the rating 10 years ago. Is it not possible to just be signed off as current for VFR operations only?

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1 Answer

Well, from what I understand, is that there are two types of reviews; a Flight Review and an Instrument Proficiency Check (for the IR pilots). If you’re simply wishing to fly VFR and not exercise the privileges of IFR, you most certainly are able to take the Flight Review. In any case you wish to fly in IFR and file an IFR flight plan, you must take an instrument proficiency check.

Happy flying!

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