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Flight Navigation App Questions and Medical Exam

Hi, I just purchased your Practical/Oral Test Prep online course (already have aced the Knowledge Test and have taken my first lesson). Questions: 1) is it safe/ok to use a flight navigation app on my iPad, which has to connect via Bluetooth to my iPhone, (2) do student-solo cross-country flights allow the use of such tech (or even in-flight VOR/GPS), or does all the navigation have to be done via visual references? If so, I really hope I don’t get lost! And 3) how long can you delay the medical examination (I generally can’t stand physicals, just a weird quirk I have). Thanks!

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1 Answer

Hello, there are many different navigation aids available now, your Instructor will go over how to use the navigation aids equipped in your aircraft. I would suggest discussing the app that you found with your Instructor so that he or she will be able to review it with you and see if it is acceptable at your flight school. It’s very common to be nervous about getting lost before your first solo cross country, but your Instructor will be sure you are ready before he or she signs your endorsement.
According to FAR 61.23, you won’t be able to fly solo until you have your medical certificate, so it’s best not to delay it for too long or it will hold up your training. Happy flying!

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