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FAA ATP New Rules?

I’ve read that the FAA has put new rules into place for the ATP that take effect as of August 1st. Will your course count towards the 30 hour ground school requirement? What value will your ATP course have after August 1st?

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1 Answer

You are correct in stating the new ATP rules will go into place beginning August 1, 2014. If you pass you ATP written before that date, those new rules won’t apply to you and you will have 24 months to pass your checkride. After August 1st, ATP candidates must complete a Certification Training Program (CTP) including of 30 hours of classroom training before being allowed to take the written test. Note, that instruction cannot be provided online. The CTP requires large-airplane simulator training and must be delivered by Part 121, 135, 141, or 142 certificate holders. However, those CTP courses will likely not fully prepare candidates to score highly on the FAA Knowledge test. The King Schools ATP courses will continue to provide the best preparation available for taking the written.

We wish you the best with your ATP test!

– John and Martha

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